Promotion mechanics

1. This promo is open to new and existing individual and corporate subscribers to Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) of BPI Wealth and Mutual Funds (MFs) of BPI Investment Management Inc. Investments made by and in Segregated Portfolio accounts and via BPI Bills Payment or other third-party payment facilities do not qualify.

2. Promo period is from May 22, 2023 to August 31, 2023. Only investments made within the promo period are qualified.

​​​​​​​3. First time and existing investors will receive PHP 500 Giftaway eGC for every Php 500,000 or USD 10,000 investment made in any participating BPI Investment Funds. There will be a limit of PHP5,000 worth of Giftaway eGC per client.

List of participating BPI Investment Funds List of participating BPI Invest funds:

  •  BPI Invest Short Term Fund
  • ALFM Peso Bond Fund
  • ABF Philippines Bond Index Fund
  • Philippine Stock Index Fund
  • BPI Invest US Dollar Short Term Fund
  • ALFM Dollar Bond Fund
  • ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund (USD and PHP classes)
  • BPI Invest Sustainable Global Bond Fund-of-Funds
  • BPI Invest Sustainable Global Balanced Fund-of-Funds
  • BPI Invest Sustainable Global Equity Fund-of-Funds
  • BPI Invest US Equity Index Feeder Fund (USD and PHP classes)
Terms and conditions

1. For the purpose of this promo, the investment/s of a qualified client will be subject to a ONE-YEAR HOLDING PERIOD. If client redeems fully/partially prior to the end of the holding period, BPI Wealth &/or BIMI reserves the right to deduct the amount of the prize received from his redemption proceeds. For ALFM Mutual Funds, the applicable holding period of the fund applies.

Investments should only be fresh funds contributed to any of the participating BPI Investment Funds.

3. Switching of funds is strictly not allowed (e.g. if a client has an existing UITF/MF account, he cannot redeem/terminate this particular UITF/MF account for reinvestment to any of the participating BPI Investment Funds for the purpose of joining this promo. Further, switching of qualified investment/s to another fund within the holding period will be treated as redemption and will be subject to the deduction of the corresponding amount of prize received from his proceeds).

4. Combining of transactions and pooling of funds are strictly not allowed (e.g. client cannot combine his existing UITF/MF investments. Only 1 fund is allowed per transaction).

5. To participate, clients must send their entries within the promo period, as follows:  

a. For online subscriptions: Client must forward the confirmation e-mail of the investment subscription with subject title: 2023 IRT Online Entry to together with their complete name and investment account number. BPI Wealth &/or BIMI will confirm receipt of promo participation within 5 business days via email.    
b. For branch transactions: Client needs to fill out the 2023 IRT Branch Entry Form in the branch. Branch front liners must encode client’s entry along with the scanned copy of the accomplished 2023 IRT Branch Entry Form in the Microsoft Form link

Validation of entries for qualified clients will be done monthly following the schedule below. The amount of investment as of validation date will be the basis for the qualification and corresponding rewards.

Entries entered during the PeriodValidation DateHolding Period
May 22, 2023 to June 22, 2023 July 7, 2023  July 7, 2023 to July 7, 2024
June 23, 2023 to July 22, 2023 August 7, 2023August 7, 2023 to August 7, 2024
July 23, 2023 to August 31, 2023September 14, 2023September 14, 2023 to September 14, 2024

7. BPI Wealth and/or BIMI will notify the qualified client directly via email. Should the client disagree with the Terms and Conditions of the promo, he/she must send a non-conformity email to . Should this be the case, BPI Wealth &/or BIMI reserves the right to disqualify the client’s participation in the promo.

Terms and Conditions for Disqualification. An entry is deemed disqualified if:
a. Redemption or reinvestment is identified in the participating account
b. Investment was done before or after the promo period
c. Investment is part of another promo
d. RSP subscription e. Subscriptions made via BPI Bills Payment or other third-party payment facilities 8. The Giftaway eGC is non-convertible to cash.

8. By joining this promo, the qualified participant agrees for BPI Wealth &/or BIMI to collect information such as financial information for purposes of processing his/her registration to the promo.

Investments, which are basis for qualification to this promo, will not be qualified for other ongoing promos of BPI Wealth &/or BIMI.

10. BPI Wealth &/or BIMI, in concurrence with DTI, reserves the right to dispute the eligibility of participation in the promo if redemption or reinvestment is identified. In case of dispute, the decision of BPI Wealth &/or BIMI will be final.

Downloadable form and FAQs
2023 IRT Branch Entry Forms




2023 IRT FAQs




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