Enjoy higher returns

Let your money grow at a reliable interest rate.

Be inflation-ready

Increase the value of your savings over time.

Keep your savings untouched

Earn more from the money you don’t intend on spending.

Find the time deposit account for you

Auto Renew Time Deposit

A time deposit that automatically renews your placement with a fixed interest rate.

Plan Ahead Time Deposit

A five-year peso time deposit with a fixed interest rate for the entire term.

US Dollar Time Deposit

A time deposit account that lets you enjoy higher returns on your dollars.

Deposit rates

Earn more on your deposits with competitive interest rates. Discover the varying rates for different accounts.

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Debit cards

With added security features, BPI Debit cards let you do even more, safely.

Checking accounts

We have a selection of Checking account products designed to meet your financial needs.
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