Required minimum term
5 years

Watch your funds grow over time

Required initial deposit
Php 50,000

Open an account and start earning while you're saving

Interest rate per annum
available in the branches

Visit a BPI branch near you for more details

Account features

Fixed high interest rates

Get higher rates than regular time deposits, giving you protection from ever-changing market rates.

Choose when to withdraw your interest earnings

Interest earnings are credited monthly to a settlement account or paid at the end of the 5-year term.

Tax-free interest for optimized earnings*

No withholding tax on interest earnings.

*Plan Ahead is exclusive for individual accountholders only. Pre-termination or closing of account before the 5-year term ends is subject to interest rate and withholding tax penalties.
Open a Plan Ahead Time deposit account

I don't have a BPI account

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I already have an exisiting BPI account

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Tools to assist you

Know helpful and important information before opening an account.

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