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Finding the best housing loan for you
A father teaching his daughter how to ride a bike in the yard of their new house

Loan for a New Home

Live comfortably in a home that you can call your own. Make your dream home a reality.
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A man looking excited over construction plans


Design a home today and start building tomorrow.
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A woman happy as she paints the walls of her house


Your home’s wear and tear is long overdue. Now is the time to improve your home’s look.
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A young family having fun in the kitchen

Property Equity Loan

Get access to additional funds with your existing real estate property.
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BPI Personal Loan

A little extra goes a long way. Get extra cash for whatever you need - education, business, tr
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Salary Loan Application

Get information on how to apply for a Personal Loan.
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Passenger Car

Eyeing a brand-new car or a second hand unit? BPI Auto Loan has something for you.
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A man leaning on his bike on a dirt road

Big Bike

Taking bolder adventures on your dream big bike is possible with BPI Auto Loan.
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Expand your reach with a fleet of new light trucks or a handful of specialty heavy trucks.
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