Settle payments with peace of mind

Enjoy cash-free transactions conveniently—from small to big purchases.

Keep track of your budget

Pay for recurring bills safely and manage your expenses easily.

Monitor transactions 24/7

Access your account and keep your funds safe.

Find the checking account for you

BPI Regular Checking Account

The card-based checking account that gives you the flexibility to manage your account through
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Maxi One Passbook

Maxi One Checking Account

A card-based all-in-one account that combines the features of a savings and a checking account
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Pay, Receive, and Send Money with Online Banking

Discover how BPI Online can make your everyday banking easier.
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Deposit rates

Earn more on your deposits with competitive interest rates. Discover the varying rates for different accounts.

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Investment Basics

Take your first step towards achieving your financial goals.
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Debit Card

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Savings Account

Secure, manage, and grow your funds conveniently.
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