Juggle your daily expenses easily

Enjoy convenient online banking, easy fund transfer, cashless payments, and interest on your funds.

Earn more as you save more

Get a bonus of 0.125% per annum if no withdrawal is made within the month.

Savings accounts for teens

Help your kids develop the habit of saving at an early age and keep their savings secured.

Find the savings account for you


A savings account that rewards you now while you save for your future.


An all-digital savings account that allows you to do more and earn more


A card-based savings account that lets you earn more as you save more. Get an additional 0.125

Regular Savings

A savings account with electronic banking convenience, so you can juggle your day-to-day

Pamana Savings

A card-based savings account that gives free life insurance worth 3X your account balance.

US Dollar Savings

Grow your foreign currency and safe keep your funds with a passbook or enjoy higher returns


An all-digital BPI savings account that you can exclusively open using the GCash app.

Pamana Padala

A remittance solution where you can remit your hard earned salaries and manage remittances eff

Padala Moneyger

A secure savings account that makes it easier to manage remittances from abroad

Deposit rates

Earn more on your deposits with competitive interest rates. Discover the varying rates for different accounts.

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