Required initial deposit
Php 50,000

Open a Saver Plus account for greater financial security.

Required minimum monthly ADB
Php 50,000

ADB is the sum of the daily end-of-day account balances for a month divided by the number of days in that month.

Required daily balance to earn interest
Php 50,000

Save and grow funds.

Interest rate per annum
0.0625 %

Earn this interest rate when you meet the required daily balance to earn interest.

Account features

Lifestyle Rewards Points​

Earn 1 BPI Rewards Point for every Php 1,000 balance each month-end​. Double or triple your points if current month’s balance increased vs previous month. ​

feature offers

Track and redeem Points via BPI VYBE app​

Use the BPI VYBE app to convert BPI Rewards Points to dining, shopping, and travel e-gift certificates. Learn more about VYBE.​

Minimal withdrawal fees

Withdraw up to 2X a month for free. A minimal fee of Php 18 will be charged for every succeeding withdrawal or debit transaction for the month.

online account opening

Online account opening (for existing BPI Clients)​

Conveniently open an account using the BPI Mobile App.​

Quick guides
Related information
Account opening requirements


No BPI account yet? Please bring the following account opening requirements to the nearest BPI branch.

1. Proof of billing

2. Client may submit only one (1) of the following IDs:

For Filipino citizens, photo-bearing and unexpired identification documents:

Identification documents issued by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines including Its political subdivisions, agencies and instrumentalities
Other identification documents that can be verified using reliable, independent source documents, data or information

For Filipino students:

School lD signed by the school principal or head of the educational institution
Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority

For foreign nationals:

PhilID for resident aliens
Alien Certificate of Registration issued by the Bureau of Immigration
Other identification documents that can be verified using reliable, independent source documents, data or information

Tools to assist you

We make info-gathering, account set-up, and banking easier for you.

Debit Card

It’s the best way to control your spending. Use it when you shop here or anywhere in the world.

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