There's so much you can do with VYBE
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Add and send money

Top up and send money to and from your BPI account for free.

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Scan to pay merchants

Avoid making errors when typing numbers if you scan partner merchants’ QR Ph codes to pay from our VYBE app when shopping and dining.

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Request money from other users

Send or request money from other VYBE app users.

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Redeem your Rewards

Earn points and redeem vouchers, discounts, and more.

Learn more about its features

Take a closer look at VYBE's features. We know you'll find them helpful, hassle-free, and absolutely rewarding!

Add and Send Money

Cash in to VYBE from your BPI account and send money to other VYBE users for free.

Scan to pay

Go cashless when you scan the merchant’s QR Ph code to pay for your purchases.

Pay with VYBE eWallet

Get as much as 1,000 BPI Points when you use VYBE for the first time.

Pay to earn more points

Earn rewards points on your first cash in, send money, and scan to pay transactions on the VYBE app.

Don't miss out on the latest rewards and promos

Redeem rewards real-time through the VYBE app.

BPI Rewards Points

SM Gift Pass

Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from SM Gift Pass.
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  • Shopping


Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from iStore.
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Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from Anson’s.
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Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from BeautyMnl.
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Bizu Patisserie and Bistro

Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from Bizu Patisserie and Bistro.
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Cardless withdrawals

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Interbank funds transfers

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Bills payment

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