Our framework which guides how decisions are made.

Board and Governance

BPI ensures that its corporate governance policies set the stage for the future.

Governance Reporting

BPI considers effective governance reporting as central to the review of its system.

Enterprise Risk Management

BPI espouses a comprehensive risk management and capital management framework.

Internal Audit and Control

BPI devotes significant resources to adhering and adapting to regulatory expectations.

Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, and FATCA

BPI's compliance function has evolved in recent years to adapt to tehnology-heavy strategies.

Financial Consumer Protection Framework

BPI builds an enabling environment and defines safety nets for protection of consumer rights.

Data Privacy and Protection

We apply the principles of Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, and Proportionality.

Disclosure and Transparency

We value opportunities to communicate our initiatives, policies, operations, etc.

Company Policies

Our policies promote high-level ethical principles that govern the Bank’s business.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our engagement with stakeholders is carried out through a range of information.
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