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Five ways to an energy efficient home

Sustainability starts at home.
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Brighten your life with plants

Bloom fuller with plants in your life.
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Carbon footprint 101

The first step in lowering your carbon footprint is knowing what it is.
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Powering the Philippines’ Energy Transition

Here's how the world's first Energy Transition Mechanism by BPI is accelerating the shift to renewables.

Brick by Brick: Building a Sustainable Future for the Philippines

Here’s how BPI is reducing the Philippines' energy footprint – one building at a time.

The New Due Diligence: Helping the Philippines Prepare for Environmental Risks

Environmental risk is the new financial risk. Here's how BPI mitigates both.

Turning on the Tap: Ensuring Water and Wealth Flow Together in the Philippines

More than half of the Philippines lacks access to clean water. Here’s how BPI and RENDCO are changing that.

Integrated reports

View our latest integrated report and learn how BPI does more for its commitment to sustainability.

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Sustainable Cities: BPI Foundation adopts City of Manila to help the city become climate and disaster resilient

BPI Foundation, the social development arm of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
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Ayala Group gears up to a low-carbon economy; strengthens commitment to TCFD

The Ayala group is coming strong in responding to the call for more effective climate-related
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BPI’s Environmental Risk Assessment initiative: Managing the perils of climate change and natural disasters

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has put climate change, and Environment, Social
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