BPI has consistently practiced paying dividends to shareholders on a regular basis. This is designed to provide shareholders the balance that they seek between current income and capital appreciation. The bank evaluates this practice from time to time given its capital needs and growth targets, as may be required.

Our ability to return capital to shareholders, at the same time adhering to risk and capitalization standards, is a testament to BPI's fiduciary prudence. 

Dividend types

Learn more on the kinds of dividends BPI offers.

Cash Dividends

BPI pays cash dividends to shareholders on a regular basis.

Property Dividends

Get information on the distribution of the 2023 property dividends.
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Stock Information

Bank of the Philippine Islands common shares are listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Credit Ratings

Our credit ratings are at par with Philippine Sovereign Rating.

Investor Presentations

Information on the company is shared regularly with the investing public.
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