Required initial deposit
Php 3,000

Amount needed to open your own savings account.

Required minimum monthly ADB
Php 3,000

ADB is the sum of the daily end-of-day account balances for a month divided by the number of days in that month.

Required daily balance to earn interest
Php 5,000

Save and grow your funds.

Interest rate per annum
0.0625 %

Earn this interest rate when you meet the required daily balance to earn interest.

Account features
access time icon

Easy access

Withdraw from our ATMs located all over the country or any ATM that accepts BancNet or Mastercard.

credit card icon


Pay your bills to over 200 merchants.

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Online account opening (for existing BPI clients)

Do everything online — open account, transfer funds, pay bills, load eCards, and more.

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Cashless shopping

Cashless payments online and in stores, wherever BancNet or Mastercard is accepted.

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Reload cellphones and prepaid cards instantly, or easily transfer funds to enrolled accounts.

Quick guides

If you have an existing BPI account, open an account online or visit a branch near you.

How to open a Regular Savings account online​:

1. Select “Open a New Account”.​
2. Tap “Open another deposit account”.​
3. Tap “Open account now”.​
4. Choose “PHP” as currency.​
5. Choose “Regular Savings with Debit Card”​.
6. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.​
7. Tap “ Confirm”​.
8. You may now fund your Regular Savings account.

Tools to assist you

We make account set-up and banking easier for you.



Debit Card

It’s the best way to control your spending. Use it when you shop here or anywhere in the world.

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