Required Initial Deposit
Php 100

Php 100

Required Minimum Monthly ADB
Php 1,000*

Php 1,000*

Required Daily Balance to Earn Interest
Php 2,000

Php 2,000

Interest Rate (Per Annum)


*Waived for one (1) year for accounts opened starting March 16, 2012.


Account Features
Guaranteed savings icon

Guaranteed savings

Protect your child's savings and set a minimum balance that cannot be withdrawn.

Allowance Transfer Facility

Allowance transfer facility

Set a schedule to transfer your child's allowance regularly.

Cellphone reloading icon

Cellphone reloading

Load your mobile phone from any BPI ATM or through BPI Mobile App or BPI Online.

Open a Jumpstart savings account

I don’t have a BPI Account

Check the requirements you need before you visit your nearest BPI branch.

I already have an existing BPI Account

Visit a BPI branch near you.

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