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Protect your business from unexpected losses resulting from hazards, man-made or natural.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Protect your vehicles against loss, damage, and/or liability resulting from accidents or use.

Fire Insurance

Protect your property against loss or damage caused by fire and/or lightning.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Get monetary compensation to answer for legal accountabilities from accidents in operation.

Engineering Insurance

Protect you and your equipment, machinery, and construction projects from loss, damage, etc.

Marine Insurance

Prevent financial losses caused by loss of cargo, freight, and others during transit.


BPI MS functions as the Surety to ensure the Obligor fulfills its obligation to the Obligee.

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Retirement Fund Management

Invest in your workers’ retirement funds to ensure long-term success.

Employee Loans

Enhance employee job satisfaction and morale with differentiated loan benefits.

Life and Medical Insurance

Safeguard your employees through a competitive wellness and health benefits plan.
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