Seize agribusiness opportunities icon

Seize agribusiness opportunities

Have access to funds to set up, expand, or rehabilitate existing farm facilities, or simply raise additional working capital.

Dedicated agribusiness partners icon

Dedicated agribusiness partners

Project vetting to determine technical and financial viability are conducted by dedicated BPI Agribusiness Product Officers and Associates with backgrounds in Agribusiness and Agri Production. 

Products and services

With BPI Agribusiness, we can help you raise your ​working capital for any of the following:

  • Livestock and poultry operations ​
  • Aquaculture and fishery operations ​
  • Post-harvest operations / food processing ​
  • Ice plant and cold storage facilities ​
  • Farm integration and diversification ​
  • Agricultural trading ​
  • Fruits, vegetable and crop production​


For agri-related project development, expansion, and acquisition of fixed assets and working capital, we offer:

  • Short, Medium and Long–Term Loans ​
  • Revolving Promissory Note Line ​
  • Sugar Crop Loan ​
  • Domestic Letters of Credit/Trust Receipts Line


For agri-related import and exports needs, we offer:

  • Import Letters of Credit/Trust Receipts Line ​
  • Foreign Standby Letter of Credit ​
  • Export Advance Line


Institutional Banking customer support

Reach out to us for any inquiries and concerns.

Customer support

To know more about BPI Agribusiness, please e-mail us at


You may also send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

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