Predictable cash flow 

Predictable cash flow 

Get fixed coupon payments on a regular basis at the agreed interest rate. ​



Fixed investment alternative

Fixed investment alternative

The issuer guarantees the interest rate and coupon payments as well as the return of the principal if held until maturity. 

Diversify portfolios

Diversify portfolios

Investors can use fixed income securities to balance their investment portfolio, especially when diversifying among different asset classes. ​

BPI Bond Issuances

Diversify your portfolio by investing in companies from various industries. ​

BPI Sustainable, Environmental, and Equitable Development Bonds (BPI SEED Bonds)

Invest in BPI Fixed-rate Bonds due February 2026 for a minimum of Php 500,000.

BPI Php 100 Bn Bond Program (2023)

Invest in the 2023 Fixed Rate Bonds Program offered by BPI.


Explore a flexible investment option that provides high returns with LTNCDs.
Government Securities

Invest in securities issued by the Bureau of the Treasury.

Peso Bonds

Invest in Philippine Peso denominated government securities with fixed interest payments.

ROP Bonds

Diversify your investment portfolio with US Dollars denominated government securities.
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Market insights

Stay updated on investment trends, market themes, and retirement insights.

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Hedged Investments

Enhance the yield of your asset portfolio​ and mitigate the interest and foreign exchange...

Stock Investments

Invest and trade in the stock market with ​ease and flexibility.

Trust and Investment Management

Manage your funds more effectively with the help of a financial expert.
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Certain investment products and hedging solutions included in this webpage may not be eligible for sale in other jurisdictions and may not be suitable for the risk profile of the recipient of the information.  ​
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Any investment or hedging solution is subject to different risks, with the level of risk being dependent on a variety of factors. The value of securities or portfolios may fluctuate daily, and even become valueless, ultimately resulting in customers incurring losses. This market risk and other risks inherent in the products presented in this material are deemed understood by and are acceptable to the customer. Investing in products such as bonds and different types of securities, trust accounts, and other similar instruments, does not provide guaranteed returns, and is not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).  ​
As such, prior to engaging in any of the products offered herein, the customer should have fully understood the nature of the products and the extent of exposure to risks, and should have independently determined that the product is appropriate based on the customer’s risk profile. ​
BPI does not in any way guarantee the performance of the treasury products and shall not be responsible for any loss sustained except where such loss arises solely out of BPI’s acts and omissions done or suffered in evident bad faith, or through gross negligence, willful misconduct or material breach of duty or contractual obligation.  ​
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