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Nationwide collection

Allows collection to be serviced and deposited out of BPI’s branches through collection machines, accredited service providers, and remittance partners.

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BPI machines within your office

These alternative collection options provide your office BPI machines that can be used to efficiently sort and deposit both cash and checks.

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Remote Deposit Capture

BPI provides your company with a check scanner that allows you to scan and deposit your checks remotely from your office premises.

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Corporate Cash Deposit Machine

Deposit your cash collections at your own office. This solution enhances your team’s productivity by removing manual cash sorting and counting.

Deposit Pick-Up Service

Deposit Pick-Up Service

Schedule the pick-up of your cash and check items by armored car from your sites or offices for direct deposit to your designated settlement account.

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Motorized Check Collection

BPI, through its accredited service provider, can deploy motorized messengers to service the pick-up of check collections.









Allow your branches to remit their daily cash collections directly to your account even beyond banking hours, on weekends, and holidays.


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