Productivity in the Time of Pandemic

After almost two years of continuous lockdown, Filipinos are ready to say goodbye to COVID-19. Stronger and wiser from the hard lessons of life, people are gearing up for a “post-pandemic” future equipped with new skills and perspectives. For better or for worse, the crisis taught us to be productive in novel ways. In part, this led to the popularity of gamified productivity apps over the past couple of years.

What are Gamified Apps?

Much like your favorite online games, these apps add game elements to daily tasks to increase engagement and productivity. By introducing rewards, competition, challenges, or storylines, tasks become more fun, enjoyable, and achievable. These empower you to get your work done, learn a new language, or reach your fitness or financial goals.

Much like your favorite online games, these apps add game elements to daily tasks to increase engagement and productivity.

The Science Behind Gaming
A game is basically a structured experience with clear goals, rules that force you to overcome challenges, and instant feedback. Since games offer clear rewards for each point scored or level achieved, these trigger the release of dopamine, a feel-good hormone that encourages us to do more. Humans enjoy the feeling when our brains are awash in dopamine, hence we do whatever it takes to experience this again and again.

Productivity Meets Play
By harnessing this feedback loop, today’s technology can help you work better, achieve goals, maintain wellness. Here are some apps that can help you do just that:

  • Habitica
    Part productivity tool and part multiplayer role-playing game (RPG), Habitica encourages you to develop good habits by creating goals and sticking to them through in-app rewards and punishments. The app allows you to input daily tasks and to-dos, then turns these daily activities into fun challenges. By completing tasks, you earn points and rewards to level up your avatar and unlock new skills, motivating you towards personal development.

  • Plantie
    Perfect for plantitos and plantitas, this time-management tool uses the Pomodoro technique to stay focused on tasks. Set the timer anywhere from ten minutes to three hours, with five minute intervals, to work free of distractions. Using the app disables all other apps and allows your virtual plant to grow and flourish without interruption. Finishing the session earns you coins so you can purchase new plants. However, leaving the app mid-session results in a full reset.
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