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Bond Trusteeship

  • We ensure the enforcement of terms and conditions as provided in a bond indenture.
  • We monitor compliance of the bond issuer with the covenants under the relevant trust agreement.
  • Our duties generally include facilitating distributions of reports, waiver requests, and other information or notices related to the bond issuance.
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Escrow Agency

  • We are responsible for the management and release of the escrowed assets according to the stipulated terms and conditions in the escrow agreement.
  • We offer escrows with government agencies such as HLURB, BIR, and POEA, as well as escrows for the purchase and sale of properties. We also offer customized escrows to suit your needs.
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Mortgage Trust Indenture

  • A mortgage trust indenture maximizes loanable amounts against property offered by the borrower as collateral, allowing multiple creditors to have a proportionate interest in the mortgaged property.
  • As Trustee, we ensure that the collaterals are properly maintained and monitored for the benefit of the borrower and creditors.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that custody of the mortgaged asset is under the management of a dependable Trustee.
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Securities Custody

  • We receive, hold, safekeep, and maintain assets on behalf of the client.
  • Types of securities held include notes, bonds, debentures, mutual funds, stocks, and evidences of indebtedness.
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Loan Agency

  • We act as an intermediary and agent between and among the borrower and syndicate of lenders of a loan facility.
  • Our duties include facilitating loan drawdowns and repayments, distribution and safekeeping of various reports and required documents, and acting as a liaison between and among the parties.
  • We offer Facility Agency, Paying Agency, Intercreditor Agency, and Security Agency services.

Corporate and Institutional Fund Management

Trust us with the management of your institution's funds.

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