Php 100,000

Daily load limit

Php 500,000

Monthly load limit

*BPI Amore Visa Prepaid card is no longer available starting January 1, 2021. Existing cards purchased prior said date will retain their validity as stated on the card.  
**Purchases using Amore Visa Prepaid payWave and beep variants will no longer earn AmoRewards points starting January 1, 2024, while redemption of AmoRewards will be discontinued starting March 1, 2024.
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Use wherever Visa is accepted

Accepted for payment online and in-stores here and abroad.

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Load online or at any BPI branch

Load up to Php 100,000 through BPI electronic channels.

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Travel conveniently around the city

Tap to pay at Visa payWave merchants, or beep™ at MRT, LRT, buses, and tollgates.

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No loading fees and maintaining balance.

Rates and fees

Fully know the charges when using your prepaid card, so you’re fully in control.

FeesAmore Visa Prepaid beep™Amore Visa Prepaid payWaveBPI ePay MastercardBPI ePay VisaBPI ePay Gift Card
Card FeeN.A. N.A.Php 150Php 250*Php 200
Card LoadingFree
ATM WithdrawalN.A.Php 20Php 20N.A. 
Card Load Reimbursement
Transfer to Deposit
Manager's Check
Php 50
Php 100
Balance Inquiry
(via BPI Online)
Cross Border Fee**2.5% of the transaction amount
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) Fee***2.5% of the transaction amount
(Effective November 2, 2022)
Inactivity Fee****Php 40 per month after 6 months of inactivity
(Charging starts on the 7th month)
Decline Fee***** USD 1 for every declined in-store international transaction
(Effectivity will be moved to a later date)
Card Renewal/Card ReplacementN.A.Php 150Php 250Php 200
Periodic FeePhp 99
(charged at the beginning of the 3rd and 4th year)

*Minimum order of 200 cards                    
**Applies to online and in-store international transactions done in foreign/non-Peso currency.    
***Applies to in-store international transactions only done in Peso currency.
****Effective on January 2021. Charging of fee will start on July 2021
*****Applies to policy decline transactions only (i.e. insufficient funds, invalid PIN, expired card, etc).  
*BPI has implemented an Acquirer-Based ATM Fee Charging scheme last April 7, 2021. Here's our advisory on Acquiring-Based ATM Fee Charging (ABFC).
**International banks may charge fee/s on top of BPI fee/s in order to process your transaction.
**Inclusive of Mastercard or BancNet card and payment network fees.
Quick guide

Check your balance

Keep track of your funds especially when shopping and for different transactions.


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    (+632) 889-10000

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