The online shopping card

BPI eCredit Card is a free companion card to your BPI card and is designed for online use. It has a lower and adjustable limit. Plus, it has a different card number for added security.

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Enhanced online shopping security

Get a different card number with a lower and adjustable sublimit from your primary BPI Credit Card.

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BPI Rewards

Earn 1 BPI point for every Php 35 spend. Enjoy lots of exciting rewards that you can redeem such as gift vouchers, shopping credits, airline miles, and more.

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Get perks and privileges

Enjoy a wide array of offers from your favorite online stores.

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No annual fees

Enjoy a companion card that comes free with absolutely no annual fees.



Oh My Deals! by BPI Cards

With the new OMD! app, you can discover all the amazing BPI Card deals with just a few taps.

Don't miss out on the latest promotions

100% Bonus Madness Limit

Enjoy increased purchasing power with up to 100% of additional limit on your installment purch
  • Installments

Real 0% SIP at Partner Jewelry & Watch Merchants

Enjoy Real 0% installment of up to 36 months on pieces of jewelry and watches with our partner
  • Installments
  • Shopping and essentials

Real 0% S.I.P. is now available online

You can now pay online in Real 0% S.I.P. with your BPI Credit Card.
  • Installments
Valid until Jul 31, 2024

Astons Specialties Promo

Enjoy 15% off with your BPI Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card.
  • Restaurants

Real 0% SIP at Partner Gadgets and Electronics Merchants

Enjoy Real 0% installment of up to 36 months with our gadgets and electronics partner merchant
  • Installments



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BPI Credit Cards to use with your eCredit Card

BPI Edge Card

Experience a cutting-edge lifestyle with our exclusive rewards and perks.

BPI Rewards Card

Earn BPI Points that you can use for shopping credits, gift vouchers, airline miles, and more.

BPI Gold Rewards Card

Discover a world of endless rewards with a BPI Gold Rewards Card.

BPI Amore Cashback Credit Card

Discover more of what you love with a BPI Amore Cashback Card. Earn cashback on your essential

BPI Platinum Rewards Card

Elevate to a platinum rewards experience like no other.

BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card

Discover more of what you love with a BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card. Earn cashback anywhere

BPI Signature Card

The card that fits your Signature lifestyle. Experience the best of what the world has to offe
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