BPI Debit Mastercard® Contactless Feature
Pay it cool by tapping your BPI Debit Mastercard®.

Tap and go at retail stores, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

Contacless Payments

Use your contactless-enabled BPI Debit Mastercard® wherever you see the contactless symbol for an easier checkout.

Safe way to pay

Supported by a payment network that’s designed to be secure and smart.


No more waiting for your change, simply tap your card for purchases below Php 5,000. No need to key in your PIN nor sign.

Note: Starting June 1, 2022, the maximum transaction amount for contactless payments using BPI Debit Mastercard will be Php 5,000.

Quick guide

How to use my BPI Debit Mastercard to pay in-stores

1. Simply present your card at any BancNet or Mastercard affiliated merchant.
2. Tap your card in the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal.
3. You may be asked to enter your 6-digit PIN or sign the receipt to complete the transaction.

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Frequently asked questions

What is BPI Debit Mastercard® contactless?

BPI Debit Mastercard contactless is like having exact change wherever you go. A simple tap of your card is all it takes to pay at checkout.

Why should I use contactless?

There are many benefits to contactless payments:

a. It's like having exact change wherever you go, so you don't have to worry about carrying around cash or fishing for coins.
b. You're in control because your contactless-enabled card never leaves your hand at checkout.
c. You get better record-keeping of all your purchases than you do when using cash.
d. It's fast and ideal at places where speed is essential, like retail stores, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

Where can I make contactless payments?

Simply tap to pay anywhere you see the contactless symbol  at checkout. This includes fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and more.

If you don't see the contactless symbol, your contactless-enabled card can still be used by inserting your chip or swiping at checkout.

How do I pay with my BPI Debit Mastercard® contactless?

To make a purchase, simply tap your Mastercard contactless card on the payment reader when checking out at participating retail locations.

Can I use my contactless card on payment readers that don't display the contactless logo?

You can make contactless payments on any contactless payment reader that displays this symbol.

How close does the "tap" have to be to the checkout reader?

Typically, when you tap your card at checkout, it must be within an inch or two of the contactless symbol on the terminal at the counter. Please note that if you have more than one contactless card in your wallet, you should remove the specific card you would like to use rather than tapping your wallet against the reader.

How will purchases appear on my monthly statement?

Purchases made with contactless will be displayed on your BPI Online/BPI Mobile app just like any other purchase.

How does contactless work?

Contactless uses a hidden, embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After you tap your contactless card at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the Mastercard network. If using a mobile phone, moments after you tap, you'll receive payment confirmation and be on your way.

Do I have to treat my BPI Debit Mastercard® contactless card in any special way?

Always know where your contactless card is and keep it in a safe place. And be sure to keep a record of all of your card numbers, expiration dates and emergency phone numbers.

Are contactless payments secure?

Yes. Contactless payments provide secure encryption technology.

a. You're in control – your contactless-enabled card never leaves your hands to make a payment
b. No accidental payments – your contactless-enabled card must be close to the reader at checkout to work
c. Not billed twice – even if you tap more than once at checkout, you'll only get billed once for your purchase

Where do I report other concerns or questions regarding my debit card?

For inquires and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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