Withdrawal limit icon

Withdrawal limit

Adjust your ATM cash withdrawal limit per day.

Purchase limit icon

Purchase limit

Adjust the maximum purchase amount you can make with your card per day.

International access icon

International access

Enable or disable your card's capability to transact thru ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals outside the Philippines.

eCommerce access icon

E-commerce access

Enable or disable your card’s capability to transact online and your card’s E-commerce sub-limit.

Card blocking icon

Card blocking

Permanently or temporarily block your debit card for safety and security.

Quick guide
Debit card rates, limits, and terms

Turn on your BPI Debit Mastercard’s eCommerce access

With BPI Card Control, you can turn on your eCommerce access via BPI Online and the mobile app.

Frequently asked questions
More debit card features you can rely on
A woman using an ATM.

Account linking

Easily access your other accounts in one card.

Contactless feature

Pay it cool by tapping your BPI Debit Mastercard®

Money send

Receive funds from Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus to your BPI Debit Mastercard in real-time.

Automatic billing updater

Avoid online transaction declines due to changes in your card number or expiration date.
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