Savings Accounts
We have a wide range of savings accounts that fit your individual needs, so you enjoy maximum convenience in safe keeping, managing and growing your funds. Saving and monitoring your money has never been easier.
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What type of savings do you need?
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Regular Savings
A savings account with electronic banking convenience, so you can juggle your day-to-day finances easily, any time of the day.
  • Interest on funds
  • Cashless shopping in more than 40,000 Express Payment System (EPS) accredited merchants nationwide with no enrollment required
  • Convenient funds transfer by enrolling recipient accounts
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Deposit with Insurance
The savings account that earns interest and also comes with life insurance worth 3X your account balance. So what you save also benefits the family!
  • Interest on funds
  • Free life insurance coverage worth 3x your account balance, up to Php 2 million or $ 40,000
  • No premium payments and medical check-ups required
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High Returns
With a savings account that lets you earn more as you save more, it makes saving very rewarding. Also, available as a US dollar account.
  • Higher interest than regular savings account
  • Bonus interest of 0.5% p.a. if no withdrawal is made within the month
  • Flexible and ready access to funds
Deposit Rates
Earn more on your deposits with our competitive interest rates. We have varying rates depending on the type of accounts.
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More of our accounts


For those who want the recordkeeping convenience of a passbook, this savings account earns interest on your funds while allowing you to monitor your transactions.


Specially designed for the young ones (from 10-17 years old), it’s a savings account that lets them develop the habit of saving at an early age.


Save-Up is a savings account that makes it easy to set aside money from your ATM account to your Save-Up account every month. Save regularly, automatically, so you can get what you want.

Foreign Currency

The savings account that lets your US dollars, Yen, Euros, Pounds, and other currencies grow. Whichever currency you have, you’ll enjoy the convenience of monitoring it any time.

Pamana Padala

Specially designed for overseas Filipino remitters, ito ang savings account kung saan ire-remit ang pinaghirapan mong sahod para mas madaling ma-manage ang remittance mo.

Padala Moneyger

An affordable savings account specially designed for those who receive remittances from abroad. Ito ang safe at secure na paraan! At dahil diretso sa account, madali nang i-manage ang padala.

Kaya Savings

Open a worry-free savings account with no maintaining balance and only a minimal fee for withdrawals It encourages you to keep saving. Now saving for your future is made easier.

Online Banking
The freedom to bank anywhere, anytime is yours to enjoy with BPI Online Banking.
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