Minimum investment
Php 5,000*

*Also in integral multiples of Php 5,000

Interest rate per annum
4.875 %**

**Subject to 20% final withholding tax except for tax-exempt institutions

Issue and redemption price
100 %

Invest with minimal risk.

Interest payments

Receive earnings on a regular basis.

IssuerPhilippine Goverment through the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr)
Offer periodSeptember 15, 2021 to October 1, 2021 or any earlier date as determined by the BTr
Issue dateMarch 4, 2022
MaturityMarch 4, 2027
Relatively higher yield icon

Relatively higher yield

Higher yield than time deposits.

Negotiable and transferable icon

Negotiable and transferable

Can be bought and sold on any banking day, subject to prevailing market rates.

Low risk investment icon

Low risk investment

Essentially risk-free as the bond is a direct obligation of the Republic of the Philippines.

Convenient icon


Simply use your existing savings or checking account as your settlement account.

Quarterly interest payments icon

Quarterly interest payments

Pays interest every quarter.

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Related information
How to invest through BPI

1. Visit any BPI branch during the Offer Period and request for the forms to invest in the RDBs. Please bring a photocopy of one (1) valid government-issued I.D.
2. Fill out all the details and submit the necessary documentary requirements.
3. Give the cash to be invested to the branch personnel. If it will be debited from your account, please make sure your account is funded.

Fixed income securities

Investment options designed to optimize your returns. 

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