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Local in-store transaction service charge

Note: BPI EMV Cirrus Red and BPI EMV Cirrus Gold cards are no longer offered. Existing cards will retain their validity as stated on the card.

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EMV is the global standard for card payments. It uses chip card technology to ensure that every transaction is secure.

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Shop, present your card at the cashier, and key in your PIN.

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Transact in all BPI, BancNet, and Cirrus-affiliated ATMs locally and abroad.

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Rates and fees

Fully know the charges when using your debit card, so you’re fully in control.


TransactionService charge
Balance InquiryFree

Other local banks' ATMs*


Service charge


Service Charges may vary per bank or ATM owner.

Balance Inquiry

Withdrawal using Dollar Account

Balance Inquiry using Dollar Account

International ATMs**


Service charge

International Withdrawal

USD 3.50 or 1.75%
(whichever is higher)

International Balance Inquiry

USD 1.00

International ATM Decline

USD 1.00


+1% for selling rate
-1% for buying rate
(vs BPI’s published rates­)

*BPI has implemented an Acquirer-Based ATM Fee Charging scheme last April 7, 2021. Here's our advisory on Acquiring-Based ATM Fee Charging (ABFC).
**International banks may charge fee/s on top of BPI fee/s in order to process your transaction.
**Inclusive of Mastercard or BancNet card and payment network fees.
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