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Whether you're eyeing a brand-new car or a second hand unit, or you need a multi-purpose loan with your car as collateral, BPI Auto Loan has something for you.

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Take bolder adventures with your dream big bike. With BPI Auto Loan, we offer simple and affordable way for you to start riding your own big bike.

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We can provide you with the means to expand your reach, whether it's with a fleet of new light trucks or a handful of specialty heavy trucks with BPI Auto Loan.

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Drivers' Dashboard

Should I buy a new car or a used one?

Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to think it through because it’s a decision that will affect your finances for the next several years.

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4 questions to ask before buying a bigger car

It’s probably time to consider a bigger car. Here are a few points to consider when looking at a bigger car.

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Five habits to kick to be a better driver

Here are five things you can consciously train yourself to avoid in order to be a responsible motorist.

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