Your new one-stop app for everyday cashless transactions and rewards.
What can you do with the app?

Scan to pay

Go cashless when you scan the merchant’s QR Code to pay for your purchases.

Earn points for rewards

Earn points when you top up, send money, or scan to pay using VYBE for the first time.

Cash-in for free

Top up your VYBE wallet directly from the BPI Mobile app.

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Add and send money
Top up and send money to and from your BPI account.
Scan to pay merchants
Scan partner merchants’ QR codes when shopping and dining.
Request money from other users
Send or request money from other VYBE app users.
Redeem rewards
Earn points and redeem vouchers, discounts, and more.
BPI Online
Learn how to register using your deposit, loan, or credit card account in BPI Online.
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Frequently asked questions

What is VYBE?

VYBE is BPI’s one-stop lifestyle app that makes your everyday digital banking more rewarding. Its e-wallet feature allows you to do secure, cashless, and quick day-to-day payment transactions. Easily redeem exciting rewards by using your points earned from availing and using various BPI products and services.

Who can register to VYBE?

Only BPI Online and BPI Mobile app users are eligible to register to VYBE. Learn how to enroll your account in BPI Online here.

How do I register to VYBE?

1. Download the VYBE app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store onto your phone.
2. Open the app and select "Create Account".
3. Enter your BPI Online username and password.
4. Enter the 6-digit code sent via SMS to your BPI Online registered mobile number.
5. Nominate a 4-digit MPIN and confirm.
6. Read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Agree by ticking the box.
7. Proceed to login to start using VYBE.

Note: VYBE app is available to smartphone devices with the following OS versions: iOS: 12.0 and up and Android: 9.0 and up.

How many VYBE accounts can I have?

You can only have one (1) VYBE account and it can only be accessed from one device at any given time.

What are the different features of VYBE?

With your VYBE app, you can enjoy the following features:

1. Add and send money to and from your BPI account for free.
2. Send and request money from other VYBE app users.
3. Scan our partner merchants’ QR codes to pay, when you shop or dine.
4. Earn rewards points and redeem vouchers, discounts, and more from your favorite brands.

More features will be launched soon.

How do I add money to my VYBE account using BPI Online or the BPI Mobile app?

Add Money to your VYBE account using your BPI Online account or BPI Mobile app by following these steps:

1. Login to BPI Online or the BPI Mobile App
2. Select "Payment / Load".
3. Select "Load e-Wallet".
4. Provide the following details:
a. Load from: Choose your desired source of funds.
b. Load to: Select "VYBE" from the e-Wallet list.
c. Reference number: Enter your mobile number registered to your VYBE account using the format “63xxxxxxxxxx”.
d. Load amount: Enter your desired load amount.
5. Review your transaction details.
6. Authorize the transaction via your mobile key.
7. Confirmation page shall be displayed.

What are the wallet and transaction limits of my VYBE Account?

Your wallet limit is the maximum fund that can be kept in your VYBE account. The maximum limit of your account balance at any given time is Php 30,000 and it cannot accept transactions if it will exceed this limit.

Your incoming transaction limit is the maximum cumulative funds that can be received by your VYBE account via cash-in or send money. The maximum cumulative monthly limit of your account is Php 100,000.

Are my transactions posted in real-time?

Yes. All VYBE transactions are credited and debited in real-time. Ensure that you have a stable network connection when you make transactions. Should you still encounter issues, kindly allow BPI to adjust your wallet in two (2) banking days after the date of transaction.

Can I cancel my transactions?

No. Once you have confirmed the transaction, it cannot be reversed.

What is my MPIN for?

Your Mobile Personal Identification Number or MPIN is a 4-digit code that you will use to sign-in to your VYBE app. This will be nominated upon registration. For your protection, do not share your MPIN with anyone.

Who can I contact for concerns about the VYBE app?

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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