Earn BPI Rewards Points
Earn points when you avail different BPI products and enjoy exciting rewards.
Many ways to earn points

Pay with your VYBE eWallet

Get as much as 1,000 BPI Points on your first VYBE transactions.

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Purchase with your BPI Credit Card

Get as much as 2 BPI Points when you use your BPI Credit Card.

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Grow your Deposit funds

Get 10 BPI Points when you grow and keep your funds with us.

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Open a #SaveUp Account

Get 1,000 BPI Points for saving Php 3,000 via a single deposit.

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Buy or sell foreign currency

Get 10 BPI Points when you buy or sell foreign currency.

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Open a BPI Investments Fund

Get 1,000 BPI Points as a welcome bonus.

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Download and register in VYBE to join the BPI Rewards program and redeem your rewards.
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BPI Rewards Terms and Conditions

Learn about the all-new BPI Rewards program's terms and conditions.

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Redeem BPI Rewards

Redeem shopping, dining, travel and leisure rewards through the VYBE app and other channels.

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For Credit Cardholders

View Shopping Credits and more rewards options here.

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