Let your foreign currency grow with us

From US Dollars to Chinese Yen, see how high your funds can go to reach your financial goals.

Choose from a savings account or a time deposit

Get the convenience of easy monitoring from our savings account and higher returns from our time deposit account.

Find the best multi-currency account for you

Foreign Currency Savings Accounts

Let your dollars grow with us and enjoy maximum convenience in monitoring your account.

Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Grow your foreign currency and safekeep your funds with a passbook or enjoy higher returns.

Online foreign exchange

Convert your US dollars into Philippine pesos via BPI Online.

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Regular Savings

A savings account with electronic banking convenience, so you can juggle your day-to-day

Pamana Savings

A card-based savings account that gives free life insurance worth 3X your account balance.

Coins Program

Use your #Coins to play for exciting prizes and build up your savings. Exclusive to #SaveUp or

S.I.P. Loans

Convert your credit card limit or credit card balance into easy installment terms.



All Forex sales by BPI are subject to client's submission of a duly accomplished BPI Foreign Exchange Transaction Form and supporting documents, as applicable, and compliance with applicable Forex regulations, among others.

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