Indicative Foreign Exchange Rates
We have a wide range of foreign currencies available at competitive rates.


  1. All Forex sales by BPI are subject to client's submission of a duly accomplished Foreign Exchange Transaction Form and supporting documents, as applicable, and compliance with applicable Forex regulations, among others.
  2. The rates reflected here are indicative only and may change without prior notice. Rates are quoted in Philippine Peso.
  3. For Preferred Banking Clients, please contact your Relationship Manager for special Forex rates.
  4. All currencies are subject to availability. Please call your branch of account to inquire and reserve notes for your foreign currency requirements.
  5. BPI reserves the right to refuse demonetized notes and confiscate currencies deemed to be counterfeit.

As of 4:31 PM, 29 September 2022

CurrencyBank's Buying Rate (in PHP)Bank's Selling Rate (in PHP)
(USD) US Dollar 58.7059.20
(EUR) Euro 54.920258.5227
(JPY) Japanese Yen 0.39330.4192
(HKD) Hong Kong Dollar 7.24787.7240
(AUD) Australian Dollar 36.690639.0983
(SGD) Singaporean Dollar 39.437242.0285
(CAD) Canadian Dollar 41.432844.1554
(GBP) British Pound 61.288165.3085
(CHF) Swiss Franc 57.832161.6326
(CNY) Chinese Yuan 7.89858.4175
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