Credit Card Rewards Exclusives
Use your BPI Points to redeem these card-exclusive items.


Shop more with shopping credits and gift certificates from a wide array of merchant partners.

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Visit your dream destinations when you convert your BPI Points to miles.

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Enjoy new cuisines and discover new dishes by redeeming gift certificates from our partner restaurants.

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Top up your investments using your BPI Points.

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Help others by converting your BPI Points to donations for your chosen charity.

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Card Membership

Use your BPI Points to pay for your credit card membership fees.

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Purchase with your BPI Credit Card
Get as much as 2 BPI points when you use your BPI Credit Card.
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Featured rewards

SM Gift Pass

Use your BPI Points to redeem vouchers from SM Gift Pass.

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BPI Credit Cards Shopping Credits

Credit cardholders may convert BPI Points to P1,000 Shopping Credits.

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PAL Mabuhay Miles

Credit cardholders may convert BPI Points to 1,000 PAL Mabuhay Miles.

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Credit Card Deals
Use your BPI Credit Card and earn BPI Points while also getting discounts, freebies and other deals from our partners.
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Make the most out of your purchases and enjoy the many perks of a BPI Credit Card.

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Cash Advance

Need instant cash on hand? Withdraw cash from your BPI Credit Card through Cash Advance.

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