#Coins Program
Save up and play using your BPI #Coins.
Program Highlights
Save up and Play

Use your #Coins to buy a game card and get a chance to win various prizes every month.

Earn #Coins monthly

Earn 1 #Coin per month if your BPI #SaveUp account has at least 3,000 worth of valid* transactions within the month.

Grow your #Coins

Earn 1 #Coin for every Php 10,000 saved in your BPI #SaveUp account by the end** of the month.

Access the #Coins microsite

Go to the #Coins microsite and view your earned #Coins.

* Refers to over-the-counter and digital deposit transactions, remittance, funds transfers, and similar services. Credit-to-account coming from loans or pass-thru services are excluded.
** End of the month refers to the last banking day of the month.

Program Mechanics

1. The BPI #Coins Program is open to all active BPI #SaveUp and #MySaveUp digital savings accountholders.

2. For clients who are accountholders of both a BPI #SaveUp and #MySaveUp, only the #SaveUp account will be earning #Coins.

3. Under the Program, BPI accountholders can earn #Coins every month if they meet any of the following qualifying criteria:

a. 1 #Coin
Accountholder earns 1 #Coin if his BPI #SaveUp or #MySaveUp account has at least 3,000 worth of valid* deposit transactions within the month.
* Refers to over-the-counter and digital deposit transactions, remittance, funds transfers, and similar services. Credit-to-account coming from loans or pass-thru services are excluded.

b. 1 #Coin
Accountholder earns 1 #Coin for every Php 10,000 saved in his BPI #SaveUp or #MySaveUp account by the end** of the month. 
** End of the month refers to the last banking day of each month.

BPI #SaveUp Account Transaction History


Txn Type

Txn Amount

Running Balance

April 1, 2022


Php 1,000

Php 1,000

April 16, 2022

ATM Deposit

Php 5,000

Php 6,000

April 29, 2022

(last banking day)

Cash Deposit

Php 5,000

Php 11,000

April 30, 2022

Fund Transfer

Php 500

Php 11,500

In above example, accountholder shall earn 2 #Coins for the month of April.

4. The Program will cover account transaction dates for the period beginning April 1, 2022 until December 31, 2022.

#COINS Microsite

5. The BPI #Coins Program shall be accessed through the prescribed #Coins microsite using the URL gft.ph/bpihashcoins.

6. The BPI #Coins Program microsite shall be accessible beginning April 18, 2022, while the login pages containing the #Coins will be available from May 21, 2022 until February 16, 2023. For new BPI accountholders i.e. those with account opening date of May 1, 2022 onwards, the login pages shall be accessible twenty (20) calendar days after month-end (month when the account was opened).

7.  To login, the BPI accountholder must enter the valid Philippine mobile number he used upon creation of his BPI #SaveUp account, and key-in the one-time password sent via SMS.

8. In case the Philippine mobile number provided by the BPI accountholder does not match the BPI #SaveUp or #MySaveUp savings account records, he will be required to update his info by calling 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000 or sending a message via www.bpi.com.ph/contactus.

9. #Coins earned each month will be viewable in the #Coins microsite twenty (20) calendar days after month-end.


Deposit Txn Dates

Date of #Coins Crediting

April 1-30, 2022

May 21, 2022

December 1-31, 2023

January 21, 2023

10. BPI accountholders can choose to play in the #Coins microsite at any time within the Program duration.

11. Unused #Coins shall expire on January 31, 2023.

Game Card Prizes

12. BPI accountholders may use their earned and available #Coins to buy a game card.

13. Each game card represents a chance to win a prize. After playing a game card, it will reveal either a WIN or LOSE.

14. Regular game cards are available every month with pre-defined prizes as follows:

  • 5,000 winning game cards per month with Php 100 eGC
  • 500 winning game cards per month with Php 500 eGC
  • 100 winning game cards per month with Php 1,000 eGC

15. Premium game cards will also be made available in the #Coins microsite at random during the Program duration where accountholders have the option to play for a premium set of prize, as follows:

  • 50 winning game cards with Php 5,000 eGC
  • 15 winning game cards with Php 10,000 eGC
  • 10 winning game cards with Php 20,000 eGC
  • 5 winning game cards with Php 75,000 eGC

16. There is no limit to the number of game cards a BPI accountholder may purchase for as long as it is within his/her available #Coins balance.

17. BPI accountholders who will win game card/s will receive instructions on how to claim their eGC prize.

18. Announcement of the monthly winners will be made in the #Coins microsite via the “Winners Gallery” which will display the winning BPI accountholders’ nominated username for #Coins.

Redemption of eGC

19. After winning a prize, BPI accountholders will receive an SMS from Giftaway via the same mobile number he used to access #Coins. This contains the unique alphanumeric eGift Code equivalent to the corresponding prize value.

20. To redeem the eGC, BPI accountholders must go to the published Giftaway link within the #Coins microsite to see the list of available stores where they can use the eGC and the specific redemption instruction per store.

21. BPI accountholders can then present the unique code to the participating store/s to avail of its service/s, subject to the specific instructions provided by the selected store.

22. The eGC is for one-time use only. Once a valid redemption is made, it cannot be cancelled, reversed, or applied to another item, or eGC.

23. The BPI accountholder shall be responsible for safekeeping his eGC. BPI and partner merchant shall not replace the redeemed eGC code.

24. All redeemed but unused eGCs of partner merchant will expire within 1 year from receipt of the eGC code.

Other Conditions

25. BPI accountholders whose BPI #SaveUp accounts are inactive, suspended or closed will no longer be able to access the #Coins microsite and, consequently, will be unable to use their #Coins, if any.

26. #Coins are not transferrable and can only be used to buy game card/s in the #Coins microsite.

27. All questions and issues arising from and in connection with the Program will be accepted within the Program duration, after which BPI shall no longer accommodate disputes.

28. BPI is not an agent of any of the participating merchants and makes no representation as to the quality of the goods and services provided. Any feedback regarding the quality of the goods and services provided should be directed to the respective partner merchants.

29. BPI and its subsidiaries are not liable for any loss, damage, or personal injury whatsoever (including but not limited to direct, indirect and consequential loss) suffered or sustained in connection with the use of the prize. BPI and its subsidiaries shall be held free and harmless and indemnified from any and all liabilities, losses, damages, suits, expenses, taxes, fees and costs arising from or in connection with the BPI accountholder’s participation, availment of and/or use of the eGCs or prize under the Program.

30. In case of dispute in respect of BPI only and the BPI accountholder’s availment of the Program, the decision of BPI with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final. However, if the dispute involves the partner merchant and its performance and/or delivery of the product to the BPI accountholders, subject to the general provisions set out above, the decision of BPI and the partner merchant, with the concurrence of DTI, shall be considered final.

31. By participating in this Program, the BPI accountholder agrees that the Bank may collect information, such as, but not limited to, mobile number and e-mail address, and share and disclose the same to Giftaway, for the sole purpose of processing the registration to the Program and for awarding of the eGCs. Should he win game cards or be awarded eGCs, the BPI accountholder likewise agrees and consents to the display and disclosure of his nominated username in the “Winner’s Gallery” of the #Coins microsite.

32. Terms and Conditions governing BPI’s Products, Services, Facilities and Channels, which are made an integral part hereof by reference, shall likewise be resorted to in instances where these are applicable to this Program.

Customer Support

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-141285 Series of 2022

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