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Update your Mobile Number

Updating your mobile number is the key to getting your One-Time PIN (OTP) in BPI Online and mobile app.

Your OTP serves as an extra layer of security for your transactions and makes sure the transaction is really done by you.

Here are 3 easy steps to update your mobile number with BPI Online or the mobile app:
Select Account Maintenance then choose Update Mobile Number.
Input your Debit Mastercard number and your new mobile number.
Activate your request in any BPI ATM. Your number will be updated immediately after ATM activation
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am abroad, what options are available to me?

Two options are available for you:

1. Call 889-10000 or any of our toll-free numbers. Click on the Contact Us page to learn more.
2. Connect with us via Skype ID @TalktoBPI or @TalktoBPI2 (Available 12NN-9PM Philippine Time, Mondays to Fridays).

What if I own a passbook or credit card and cannot activate via ATM?

You can visit any BPI branch to request for an update of your mobile number

When can I expect my new mobile number to be updated in my records?

Your new mobile number will be updated in our records after successful ATM activation.

I filed an Update Mobile Number request today. Until when can I activate via ATM?

You have 5 banking days to activate your request.

I filed an Update Mobile Number request yesterday. I filed again today for a different mobile number. Which mobile number will be activated if I activate via ATM?

The latest mobile number will be activated.

I filed an Update Mobile Number request but I have not activated it yet at the ATM. Can I file a new one using the same mobile number?

No. You can either activate your first request via ATM or file a new one using a different mobile number.

Can I use my old Cirrus card to activate my request?

No. You can only use Debit Mastercard.

What if I haven’t claimed my Debit Mastercard yet, what option is available to me?

If you are in the Philippines, you can visit any BPI branch to request for an update of your mobile number.

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