Personal Loans Frequently Asked Questions of Existing Clients

Loan Payments
Loan Payments

Can I pay over-the-counter or via online for my monthly installment?

Payment for your monthly installment is done via ADA (Automatic Debit Arrangement). Since your account is enrolled to ADA, you just have to make sure to sufficiently fund your nominated BPI account in time for your monthly due date.

I want to pay off my loan. How do I proceed?

Early loan pay-off can be done through a BPI branch. To know your pay-off amount, please check your Personal Loan Account through BPI Online account or BPI Online Mobile App. You may also call ‎(+632) 889-10000 for assistance. Please take note that the interest of your loan is computed daily, so your pay-off amount is valid for the same day only.

I just paid off my loan but I still got a payment reminder SMS. Does it mean that my account is not yet closed?

Our SMS notifications are system generated based on your original due date schedule. If you have already paid off your loan, please disregard the payment reminder. Should the payment reminders persist beyond your next due date, please report to our hotline ‎(+632) 889-10000.

My deposit account is not sufficiently funded . What happens if I fail to pay my monthly installment?

Your unpaid amount will be charged a late payment penalty fee of 5%. For example, you missed paying your monthly installment of Php 1,000, you will be charged a late payment penalty fee of Php 50 right after your due date. Hence, the total amount due becomes Php 1,050.

Can I request for documents on my loan payment history?

Yes. Please call ‎(+632) 889-10000 for more details.

My personal loan account already reached its maturity. Can I request for certificate of completion / full payment? How?

You may request for a Certificate of Full Payment at your nearest BPI branch or call ‎(+632) 889-10000.

I can no longer view my personal loan account details in BPI Online. What should I do?

BPI Online requires accounts to be in current (not past due) status in order for account details to be viewable. Kindly call (02) 8580-0639 or (02) 8580-0627 to know how to settle your past due balance.

Loan Re-availment
Loan Re-availment

I have an existing personal loan. Can I apply for a 2nd account?

We highly recommended for existing personal loan account holders to apply when they have already paid at least half of their outstanding personal loan.

My personal loan is maturing / fully paid off. Can I renew my personal loan account? Do I still need to submit new documents?

There is no auto-renewal for a personal loan. You may reapply for a new account and submission of updated income documents is required. Your loan application shall also be subject to regular Credit evaluation.

How do I change my account information (ie. Address, Contact information, Due Date, ADA account, Account Name, etc.)?

You may request for account information update at your nearest BPI branch or call ‎(+632) 889-10000.

Contact Information Update
Contact Information Update