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Earn BPI Points with every swipe of your credit card

Get rewarded for using your BPI Credit Cards when you shop, dine, and pay.

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Track and redeem your points

Download and sign-up in VYBE to redeem rewards.

Program mechanics

How to earn

1. Download and sign-up to VYBE to track and redeem your rewards.

2. Eligible BPI Credit Cardholders are entitled to earn BPI Points for every minimum spend.

Credit cardTransactionPoints to earn
BPI Visa SignatureEvery Php 20 spend2 BPI points
BPI Platinum Rewards MastercardEvery Php 30 local spend or Php 20 spend on any foreign transaction online and abroad2 BPI points

BPI Blue Mastercard

BPI Gold Mastercard

e-Credit Mastercard

Every Php 35 spend1 BPI point
BPI Edge MastercardEvery Php 50 spend1 BPI point
Terms and conditions

BPI Credit Cardholders can redeem goods and services using the BPI Points earned through the BPI Rewards Program. BPI Credit Cardholders can earn the BPI Points every time they use their credit card for purchases. Below are the terms and conditions governing the awarding of BPI Points under the BPI Rewards Program from Credit Cards.


A. General policies

1. The following BPI Credit Card types earn BPI Points:

  • BPI Visa Signature
  • BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard
  • BPI Blue Mastercard
  • BPI Gold Mastercard
  • BPI Edge Mastercard
  • BPI eCredit Mastercard

2. A BPI Point is the unit of value earned from every use of BPI’s products, services, facilities, or channels, in the amount and manner defined in this Program. BPI Points may be used to redeem goods and services featured on the VYBE App or featured in Credit Card Exclusives Catalog.

3. A BPI Point earned from the use of qualified BPI Credit Card types is evergreen and will not expire.

4. The Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of BPI Credit CardsBPI’s Products, Services, Facilities and Channels, BPI Online Banking Terms and ConditionsBPI Vybe Terms and Conditions, BPI Rewards Program Terms and Conditions, BPI Rewards Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards, and the BPI Data Privacy Statement, are hereby incorporated by reference and shall form an integral part hereof. Unless otherwise defined, capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as they do in the above-mentioned agreements.


B. Eligibility and participation

1. All BPI Credit Cardholders of BPI Visa Signature, Platinum Rewards Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, Blue Mastercard, Edge Mastercard, and eCredit Mastercard automatically earn non-expiring BPI Points from charged spending without any expense on enrolment charges or fees.

2. BPI Points earned by the Principal and/or Supplementary cardholder shall be credited to the Principal cardholder's account and shall be reflected in the monthly Statement of Account or other alternative modes of reporting.

3. BPI reserves the right to suspend or disqualify any person from further participation in BPI Rewards, if in its judgment, that person has violated the terms and conditions herein or has violated the terms and conditions governing the issuance and use of BPI Credit Card. Suspension or disqualification may result in the cancellation of the individual's right of participation and/or the forfeiture of all BPI Points earned.


C. Accumulation of BPI Points

1. Earning of BPI Points is as follows:

  • 2 points for every Php 20 charged to BPI Visa Signature
  • 2 points for every Php 30 local spend or Php 20 spend on any foreign transaction online and abroad charged to BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard
  • 1 point for every Php 35 charged to BPI Blue Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, and eCredit Mastercard; and
  • 1 point for every Php 50 charged to BPI Edge Mastercard.

2. Charges eligible to earn BPI Points include purchases in the Philippines and abroad, cash advances, and Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.) Merchant monthly amortizations.

3. Transactions less than Php 30 on local or Peso-denominated purchase, or Php 20 on foreign transaction online and abroad or USD converted purchase (for BPI Platinum Rewards Mastercard), or Php 20 (for BPI Visa Signature Card), Php 35 (for BPI Blue Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, and e-Credit Mastercard) or Php 50 (for BPI Edge Mastercard), gaming transactions, amortizations from Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.) Loans (Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, Credit to Cash, S.I.P. for Hospitals and S.I.P. for Schools), Bills Pay via BPI Online and Mobile Banking, annual fees, finance or interest charges on both regular and cash advance transactions, late payment charges, disputed transactions, credit transaction adjustments, and all fees related to card replacement and cash advance shall not be eligible to earn BPI Points.

4. BPI Points may be earned from other activities deemed appropriate and will be announced from time to time through electronic direct mailers, SMS advisories, flyers, Statements of Account, or such other means as BPI may consider appropriate and effective.

5. BPI may, at its sole discretion, include and/or remove certain transactions from points eligibility without prior notice.

6. BPI Points are transferable to other members of the VYBE app via the ‘Share Points’ feature. This feature is available for promotional use and may be deactivated without prior notice.

7. BPI Points earned from Credit Cards will be reflected in the monthly Statement of Account (SOA) of the Principal cardholder. If not disputed within thirty (30) days from receipt, BPI Points earned for the SOA period as reflected in the monthly Statement of Account shall be considered final and conclusive.

8. BPI Points accumulation will be stopped for blocked BPI Credit Card accounts due to lost cards from the date of report of loss. Transactions made with the replacement BPI Credit Card will resume BPI points accumulation.

9. Fraudulent earning or redemption of BPI Points may result in forfeiture of available points as well as cancellation of the cardholder's BPI Credit Card.

10. BPI Points earned from Credit Cards will continue to be valid for 60 days after cancellation of the cardholder’s BPI Credit Card if the cardholder is registered in VYBE and still has other BPI Products eligible for BPI Rewards program. All BPI Points earned from any BPI Product shall be forfeited 60 days after cancellation or closure of the last remaining BPI Product. BPI Points earned from Credit Cards will be forfeited 60 days after cancellation of the cardholder’s BPI Credit Card if the cardholder is not registered in VYBE.

11. BPI reserves the right to adjust the required BPI Points to redeem without prior notice.



A. Redemption channels

1. For items available through VYBE

a. Access and redeem through VYBE

2. For credit cards exclusive items:

a. Send a message to Contact Us and provide the following details:

  • Last 10 digits of your credit card number
  • Registered email address
  • Choose ‘Other Concerns’
  • Choose ‘Credit/Prepaid Card Inquiries and Transactions’
  • Indicate in the Summary of the Concern: BPI Rewards Redemption, registered email address, Customer Number, Customer Name, Reward Code, and Number of BPI Points for conversion. 

b. Calling our 24-hour BPI Contact Center:

(+632) 889-10000 (Philippines or International)

(+632) 1-800-188-89-100 (Domestic Toll Free)

International Toll-free Numbers

c. Visiting any BPI branch near you or contacting your Branch Manager or Relationship Manager.


B. Redemption conditions

1. Redemption of items In VYBE

  • Redemption of reward items in VYBE may require different points requirements from redemptions made for the same reward item through other non-VYBE channels.

2. Redemption of membership fee waivers

  • Redemption of card membership fee will only be allowed after it has been charged to the cardholder’s account.

3. Redemption of shopping credits

  • Shopping Credits will be credited to the cardholder's nominated card as specified in the request or, if none, any active BPI Points-earning card, within 5 to 7 working days.

4. Redemption of Miles

  • BPI Points converted to Miles will only be credited to the Principal’s or nominated Supplementary Cardholder’s miles membership account.

5. Redemption of investments

a. For BPI Wealth - A Trust Corporation item, confirmation of rewards redemption is not a guarantee of investment or of investment booking date.

b. For BPI Investment Management Inc. (BIMI) item, conversion is subject to availability of mutual fund shares at the point of reward conversion.

6. Redemption of donations

  • BPI will be responsible for handing over the donations to the cardholder’s chosen charitable institution. As confirmation of the donation, the cardholder will receive an acknowledgement from the chosen charitable institution.


Termination of The BPI Rewards Program

BPI reserves the right to suspend, terminate or discontinue at any time, and with notice, the BPI Rewards Program. In any such event, the cardholder agrees that BPI shall in no event be liable to the cardholder or to any person for any and all claims and damages arising from or in connection with the suspension, termination or discontinuance of the BPI Rewards Program.



BPI may, at any time and for whatever reason it may deem proper, amend, revise or modify these Terms and Conditions and any such amendment, revision or modification shall bind the cardholder upon notice (personal, by publication or otherwise) or on the date of effectivity as specified in the notice, whichever is earlier. The cardholder’s availment or redemption of the BPI Points will constitute cardholder’s acceptance to any such amendment, revision or modification of these Term and Conditions.


Download and register in VYBE to join the BPI Rewards program and redeem your rewards.

Credit Card Rewards Exclusives

Use your BPI Points to redeem these card-exclusive items.

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For inquires and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

For any concerns, you may refer to the frequently asked questions in the BPI Help & Support website.

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