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Get 20% off on standalone short courses


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20% off


  • Valid on FutureLearn’s website
  • Valid for a one-time use only
  • Valid on standalone short courses only

Promo Period: January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024


The promo is open to cardholders of participating BPI Visa Credit or Prepaid Cards whose accounts are active and in good standing. 


BPI Credit Cards

  • BPI Amore Cashback Card
  • BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card
  • BPI Signature Card


BPI Prepaid Cards 

  • BPI Amore Visa Prepaid
  • BPI ePay Visa
(must have available load)


How to avail 

1. Visit the FutureLearn website.

2. Browse the “Short Courses” section.

3. Select the short course you wish to take.

4. Click “Join Course”.

5. Click “Continue & Upgrade”.

6. Enter Promo Code: FUTURELEARN20.

7. Enter Shipping Details for learning certificate.

8. Enter Payment Details.

9. Click “Pay Securely Now” to finish transaction.


Terms and conditions

1. This promotion is only available to registered users of FutureLearn.

2. 20% discount offer valid on the upgrade of one short course per user (with digital certificates awarded to eligible learners who successfully complete the course).

3. This voucher code only applies to standalone short courses and does not include any other courses or products on the FutureLearn platform including Microcredentials, ExpertTracks, Premium Course purchases, Unlimited annual or monthly subscriptions, or any other credit bearing courses.

4. Each voucher code can only be redeemed once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

5. Unredeemed vouchers are non-refundable and do not have any monetary value.

6. FutureLearn’s terms and conditions and refund policy apply.

7. FutureLearn reserves the right to refuse use of the code or access to its products for any reason in accordance with its Terms and Conditions.


Visa terms and conditions

1. Offer details as shown are based on information provided by the Merchant. No warranties are made by Visa that the information is correct. Please check directly with the Merchant to confirm availability and validity of this Offer.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, while Visa has facilitated this Offer for the benefit of Visa cardholders, the Merchant is the sole provider of all goods and/or services under this Offer. Accordingly, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that the procurement by him/her of any goods and/or services under this Offer shall constitute a contract solely between the Merchant and him/her, and Visa is not, nor will become, a party thereto.

3. By utilizing or attempting to utilize any of the goods and services under this Offer, the Visa Cardholder understands, acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Any claim, complaint or dispute of any nature arising out of or in relation to the procurement, or attempted procurement by the cardholder of any goods and/or services under this Offer (each a “Claim”) shall be settled by the Visa Cardholder directly with the Merchant, and Visa Cardholder shall not make any Claim against Visa.
  • Without prejudice to the foregoing, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, Visa shall not be liable to any person for any loss, damage, expenses or claim (whether direct or indirect) in relation to any personal injury, death, false representation, damage or omission arising from or in connection with the usage or attempted usage of this Offer or goods and/or services provided under this Offer.
Customer support


For any questions or clarifications, please click the “Support” button on the bottom right of every course page.



For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.


Disclaimer: The links above may offer a different privacy policy and level of security. No personal information will be collected without prior consent.
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