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Easier to manage your cash flow

Minimal initial cash out for option to include bank fees which includes processing and handling,mortgage registration, DST, notarial and 1st year fire insurance in the loan amount.

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Your BPI account will automatically be enrolled via an automatic debit arrangement to make your monthly payments convenient.

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Low downpayment

A minimum of 10% downpayment is required, subject to developer tie up program of the bank.

Offer mechanics

You no longer have to shell out a big amount of money for bank fees at the start of your loan. All-In Financing enables you to include bank fees in your loanable amount with spread out payments over the term of the loan.

Sample Computation


 SpecificsRegular Housing LoanAll-in Financing
Loan AmountPhp 3,000,000Php 3,000,000
Loan Term240240
Interest Rate7.00%7.00%
Upfront FeesPhp 90,0000*
Monthly AmortizationPhp 23,258.97Php 23,956.74
*No initial cost in paying the fees so you can have better financial liquidity.

Terms and Conditions

1. All In Financing is available to individual applicants (Acquisition of property from partner top developers) with a minimum household income of Php 40,000.

2. The client can avail a minimum loan term of 1 year and maximum loan term of 20 years.

3. The minimum loan amount is Php 400,000 with a maximum loan amount up to 90% of property value.

4. The client can easily pay their loan via Auto Debit Arrangement.


How to apply


1. Go to any BPI branch.

2. Completely fill out the application form.

3. Submit the requirements. Your application will be reviewed and processed.

4. If your application is approved, you will receive an SMS notification and will be asked to visit the branch or a Loans Business Center.

5. Sign the loan documents.



1. Completely fill out our Housing Loan online application form.

2. Submit the requirements. Your application will be reviewed and processed.

3. If your application is approved, you will receive an SMS notification and will be asked to visit the branch or a Loans Business Center.

4. Sign the loan documents.


SpecificsRegular Housing LoanStep Up PayPlan
Amount of monthly Payment/ AmortizationFixed equal monthly payments for the duration of the loan term. No annual price increase (unless your loan is due for repricing)You now have the option to include the bank fees as part of the loan – with fees folded in to your monthly amortization and stretched throughout the term of the loan
Product BenefitBudget your monthly expenses ahead of time and set aside the same fixed amount from start to end of your loan termYou can easily pay these fees by combining them to your monthly amortization which will be automatically debited from your account
Loan PurposeHome Acquisition
Home Construction
Home Renovation
Acquisition of property from partner top developers
Term of Duration of LoanChoose between a short or long term, from 1 year up to 20 yearsMin. of 1 Year
Max. of 20 Years
Available period for fixed interest rateWith options to fix the interest rate of the loan from as short as 1 year, up to 20 years
PriceSame as published interest rate



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For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

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Step-Up Pay Plan

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