I. What is BPI E-Title Conversion Service?

The E-Title Conversion Service is the new service offering of BPI Bank where you can convert your old land title to an E-title in the comforts of your home! Just send us your request via email or SMS.

II. How can I send in my request for E-Title Conversion?

Kindly send your request via:
1. Email at bjgarellano@bpi.com.ph with the following details:
Email Subject : [For Request] E-title Conversion_JuanDelaCruz
Email Body :

Full Name: Juan Dela Cruz
Title Number: T-123456
Property Location: Pasig City
Contact Number: XXXXX

2. SMS at (+63) 949-881-7974 with the following details:

Full Name:
Title Number:
Property Location:

You will receive a confirmation email or SMS within 24 hours. An account officer will call you for the assessment of fees and guide you closely on the next simple steps. Payment can be done via BPI online and the required document can be signed and sent electronically. You will immediately receive an email notification after completion of the E-title conversion.

III. What are the benefits of converting to E-Title?

1. Protection or immunity from the dangers of paper titles.
Paper titles are susceptible to risks such as destruction due to natural wear and tear and elements like fire and water. Paper titles can also be faked, lost and misplaced. Converting it to E-Title will protect you from these risks and spare you the expensive and tedious reconstitution process for lost or destroyed land titles. As an additional benefit, E-Titles are now stored in its electronic original form in LRA’s database system thus protecting the integrity of your title.

2. Faster processing of succeeding transactions.
Since E-titles are stored in LRA’s database system and no longer in vaults, it will be faster for the Registry of Deeds to find the original title through their database system. Thus, a faster processing time on your next transactions.

3. Technology Empowerment.
This digitalization project empowers not only the client but also our government agencies such as LRA to further improve its delivery of services, promote ease of transaction and safekeep the integrity of the land titling registration system.

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