A pooled fund (a "Fund") is a collective investment scheme where multiple investors participate by buying units or shares of the Fund. Each Fund has a different investment objective and strategy, defined in its Plan Rules or Prospectus. In the Philippines, pooled fund investments come in the form of Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) and Mutual Funds (MFs).

Behind each Fund is a team of professional fund managers who carefully analyze economic, industry, and market developments, and use their analysis to anticipate market trends and implement the Fund's investment objective and strategy. Fund managers strictly adhere to the Fund's investment objective and strategy approved by regulators to ensure that investors are protected at all times, by keeping risks diversified and within prudent levels.

A Fund may invest in various types of investment assets —Money Market, Bonds, Equities, or other pooled funds. Each unit or share of the Fund is priced every day based on the daily market value of its underlying investments. The price is called Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVpU) or Net Asset Value per Share (NAVpS). Typically, when you invest in a pooled fund, you earn through appreciation of the NAVpU or NAVpS. Recently, Funds that pay out dividends have also been launched and made available for local investors.

Pooled fund investments make investing easier and more affordable for everyone. Since funds are pooled together, you can start investing with minimal amount and still be able to diversify and enjoy professional fund management services.

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