ELIGIBILITY – A credit cardholder (the “Cardholder”) of the Bank of the Philippines Islands (the “Bank”) of good standing is qualified to avail of BPI Cash Advance for a minimum amount of Php 500.

CASH ADVANCE LIMIT – The Cash Advance limit is determined based on the BPI Credit card type the Cardholder has. For more information on the limits, visit www.bpi.com.ph.

The amount of Cash Advance that the Cardholder may avail of per transaction shall be the lower of: (1) the available balance of the applicable Cash Advance Limit; and (2) his or her Card’s remaining Total Credit Limit.

The Cardholder’s aggregate Cash Advance, when added together with other transactions using the Card, must not exceed the Card’s Total Credit Limit. In turn, the Cardholder’s total Cash Advance must not exceed the applicable Cash Advance Limit.

CASH ADVANCE FEE – A Cash Advance fee amounting to Php 200 will be charged for every Cash Advance transaction. Additional charges may be applied by other bank’s ATM per transaction.

BILLING – The Cash Advance Fee chargeable per transaction will be billed on the next statement date.

CHARGES – Cash Advance transactions are similar with regular transactions wherein finance charge and penalty fees may apply.

PIN – Each BPI Credit Card may be assigned a unique pre-assigned Cash Advance PIN. In case the Cardholder did not receive a Cash Advance PIN, he may call the 24-hour BPI Contact Center hotline at (+632) 889-10000 or its Domestic Toll Free hotline at 1-800-188-89100. For security purposes, it is recommended that the Cardholder change the pre-assigned PIN via any BPI ATM. The Cash Advance PIN must not be divulged to anyone.

APPROVAL – The Cash Advance shall be subject to appropriate approval. The Bank may perform additional verification for Cardholder’s security. The Bank reserves the right to terminate processing of the Cash Advance and/or deny the same in the event that the Cardholder fails to submit documentary requirements or it becomes aware of any misrepresentation or any circumstances which will disqualify the Cardholder from availing of the Cash Advance.

AMENDMENTS – The Bank may, at any time and for whatever it may deem proper, amend, revise or modify these Cash Advance Terms and Conditions, and any such amendments, revisions, or modifications shall bind the Cardholder. Any such amendment, revision or modifications may be communicated by the Bank to the Cardholder through such means (written, electronic or otherwise) which the Bank, at its option, considers appropriate and effective including (but not limited to) mail or courier, electronic mail, short messaging service (SMS), posting on the Bank’s website or other electronic channels.

AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Any use of the card together with the Cash Advance PIN to obtain cash in any of the authorized ATMs, or any Cash Advance requests made over-the-counters of the Bank, constitutes Cardholder’s agreement to these Cash Advance Terms and Conditions and to the Terms and Conditions Governing Issuance and Use of BPI Credit Cards.

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