Maintenance / auxiliary services
Fee upon client-initiated closure within 1 month of account opening*Php 500
Monthly dormancy fee*Php 30 (dormancy charge is collected starting on the 5th year after the last activity, only if dormant account’s balance has fallen below the required minimum average daily balance (ADB). Account will be considered dormant if there is no client-initiated transaction within 2 years)
Balance inquiry fee using ATMsBPI ATM: Free* for a limited period
Non-BPI ATM (Local): Php 1.50
Non-BPI ATM (International): USD 1
Customers fees and charges

If transaction performed is within the BPI platform.


Service fee

Over-the-counter fund transfer
Php 15 per transfer
Bank certificationPhp 300 per certificate issuance
Debit card replacement requestPhp 200

a. Deposit transaction


Service fee

BPI Cash Accept Machines (CAMs) deposit
Free for a limited period
BPI branch over-the-counter deposit*• Php 50 service fee for deposits less than Php 50,000
• Php 100 service fee for deposits greater than Php 50,000 but less than Php 500,000
• Php 500 service fee for deposits greater than Php 500,000 but less than Php 1,000,000
• Php 1,000 fee for deposits greater than Php 1,000,000
Deposit limit*Subject to Php 30,000 maximum account balance

b. Withdrawal transaction

ParticularsService fee
BPI ATM*Free for a limited period
Non-BPI ATM (local)Php 15 per withdrawal
Non-BPI ATM (international)USD 3.50 or 2% of amount withdrawn, whichever is higher
BPI branch over-the counter withdrawal• Php 100 for amount within ATM withdrawal limit (i.e withdrawal amount of less than Php 20,000)
• Free for amount beyond ATM limit (for a limited period)

c. BPI Online or BPI Mobile app

ParticularsService fee
Fund transfer to BPI-enrolled accounts
Fund transfer to un-enrolled BPI accountsPhp 10
Fund transfer to non-BPI accounts via InstapayPhp 25
Loading of eWalletFree
BPI to Cash via payout partnersPhp 99
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