transfer to own account

Transfer to Own Account

Manage your funds between accounts easily.

transfer to other bpi accounts

Transfer to other BPI Accounts

Transfer funds to unenrolled BPI and BPID accounts by keying-in the account number.

qr code

Transfer via QR Code

Transfer funds without keying-in your account number with the use of a QR code.

customize qr

Create and customize your QR Code

Create and share your own QR code for easier transactions.


Add an account to favorites

Save accounts as Favorites so you can easily send money.


Make a Dollar to Peso transfer

Convert your US Dollars to Philippine Pesos in real-time with a Dollar account.

transfer to other banks

Transfer to other local banks

Make InstaPay transfers using a QR code, account number, email address, or mobile number.

Note: The merger of BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank (BFSB) is now official. We have begun merger activities. Until such time that we complete the integration of BFSB accounts with BPI, please continue using your existing BFSB account details to avail of promos. For more information, visit the OneBPI page.
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Transfer via QR Code

Generate a QR Code and make error-free money transfers with the BPI Mobile app.

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