Protect and secure your card at all times
do not share

Never share your card information

This includes your card number, expiry date, and CVV/ CVC (3 digits at the back of your card). 

never share your otp

Never share your one-time-pin (OTP)

Remember, the OTP is an added security feature for online card transactions.​ Giving this away to a caller or to anyone will result to fraudulent transactions.

dispose your card properly

Dispose your card properly

Properly dispose of your old or expired card by cutting it into several pieces. ​Ensure that the EMV chip is cut properly and destroyed.

never surrender your card toa nyone

Never surrender your card to anyone

BPI will never ask you to surrender your physical card to anyone, even if the person claims to be from the bank. This can result in fraudulent charges.

monitor your account regularly

Monitor your account regularly

Keep your card secure at all times. Contact us to report any unauthorized transactions, lost or stolen card or to make any request regarding your account.

update your contact information

Update your contact information

Ensure that your contact information is updated in order to receive any updates from the bank such as service advisories, statement notifications, and promotional campaigns.

Parts of the BPI Card

  1. EMV Chip
  2. Expiry Date
  3. CVC/CVV (3-digit code)
  4. Magnetic Stripe
Additional reminders

1. When disposing your old or expired card, kindly ensure that the following parts are properly perforated:​

  • EMV chip​
  • Expiry date​
  • CVC/CVV (3-digit code)​
  • Magnetic stripe​

2. Secure your activation via self-service SMS not a phone call.​​

To activate your card, text BPIACT <space> last 10 digits of your BPI Credit Card (e.g. BPIACT 0123456789) and send to 225689​

3. The Bank no longer embeds clickable links to websites or email addresses in any of our correspondences via email, SMS, Viber, or WhatsApp. Any correspondences with a clickable link is NOT from BPI.​

4. Immediately report any suspicious activity involving your account so that we can assist in accordingly.​

5. Ensure that your contact details with the bank is updated to receive service advisories and alerts in a timely manner.​



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