Security Features
Have peace of mind knowing that your account is kept safe through the use of world class security measures.
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Security features
Receive your One-Time PIN (OTP)

Get an extra layer of security for your transactions. Always keep your registered mobile number up-to-date.

Link a Device to your Account

Be assured that your account can only be accessed through your trusted mobile devices.

Set Fingerprint/Face ID Login

Access your account quickly and securely.

Set ATM Withdrawal Alerts

Receive email or SMS notifications whenever a certain amount is withdrawn from your accounts.

Set Email Login Notifications

Receive email notifications after every successful log in to your account.

Receive Transaction Confirmation

Get notified via email for every successful transaction made by your account.

Quick guides

How to link a device to your account

1. Log in to BPI Mobile app and tap “Link this Device.”
2. The One-Time PIN screen will show your partially masked mobile number.
a. If the mobile number is correct, tap “Yes, send me the code.”
b. If the number is incorrect, please update your mobile number in any of our branches or call 889 10000*.
​​​​3. Enter the One-Time PIN and tap “Submit.” Your mobile device is now linked to your account.

*After verification of your updating request via 889 10000, you will be asked to submit an original signed form. 

How to update your registered mobile number

1. Log in to BPI Online or Mobile app and go to “Account Maintenance.”
2. Click on “Update Mobile Number.”
3. Enter your Debit EMV card number and new mobile number. You'll need a BPI Debit Mastercard to complete this feature.
4. Activate your enrollment at any BPI or BFB ATM within 5 banking days.

For clients who have no access to an ATM or have not yet claimed their BPI Debit Mastercard:
a. Visit any branch near you. Find a branch and view its contact details with Google Maps. Simply type “BPI <branch name>” and press “Search.”
b. Call 889 10000 or any of our toll-free numbers*. See the complete list of numbers.

*After verification of your request via 889 10000, you will be asked to submit an original signed form.

How to set Fingerprint/Face ID login

1. Log in to BPI Mobile app and tap on Fingerprint/Touch ID/Face ID Login. Your options depend on the fingerprint or face recognition capability of your phone.
2. Enable your Fingerprint/Touch ID/Face ID Login to activate the feature. Please note that all fingerprints or Face ID that are registered in your smartphone can be used to login to your account.

How to set ATM Withdrawal Alerts

1. Log in to BPI Online and go to “Account Maintenance.”
2. Go to “Withdrawal Alerts” and click on “Edit.”
3. Set the ATM withdrawal amount threshold to your preferred amount.
4. Select how you want to receive your ATM Withdrawal Alerts.
5. Input your One-Time PIN (OTP).

How to set email login notifications

1. Log in to BPI Online and go to “Account Maintenance.”
2. Enable your Login Email Notifications.

How to turn on your Push Notifications

1. Log in to BPI Mobile app and go to “Account Maintenance.”
2. Select “Notifications.”
3. Enable “Push Notifications” and/or “Transaction Alerts and Offers.”

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Frequently asked questions

Can I receive my OTP in multiple registered devices?

No. For your protection, the One-Time PIN will only be sent to your registered mobile number.

​​​​​​​However,  you can install the BPI Mobile app and register as many phones as you want to your account.

Am I allowed to use non-Philippine / international numbers for OTP?

​​​​​​​Yes, you are allowed to use international numbers. Your mobile number should always be updated in our records to ensure that you receive the One-Time PIN whenever you transact online.

Can other people use the BPI Mobile app on my phone to check their accounts?

​​​​​​​As part of the protection provided by device registration, only your account can be accessed via your BPI Mobile app.

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