Mobile Key
Verify your online banking transactions through biometrics or a nominated PIN code.
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*Available only when you pay bills, send money to 3rd party accounts, send money to other banks, load e-wallets, and load prepaid phones.

Easy Verification

Use fingerprint or face ID to complete your transactions.

Extra Security

Validate transactions through your preferred device.

Quick Transaction

No need to wait for an SMS One-Time PIN to arrive.

Quick guides

How to turn on your Mobile Key

1. Log in to the BPI Mobile app.
2. Go to Account Maintenance > Authentication.
3. Turn on “Mobile Key.”
4. Nominate a 6-digit PIN Code.
5. Enter the One-Time PIN that you will receive.
*You’ll be given the option to use your fingerprint or face ID. After that, you’re done.

How to use the Mobile Key when transacting in the app (Same Device)

1. Confirm the details of your transaction.
2. Enter your Mobile Key (PIN, fingerprint, or face ID).
3. You're done!

How to use Mobile Key when transacting in BPI Online (Browser)

1. Confirm the details of your transaction on the browser.
2. Tap the push notification received from "BPI Mobile."
3. Enter your Mobile Key (PIN, fingerprint, or face ID).
4. Check the transaction details and click on "Approve."
5. Both app and web screens will display that you're done.

Account Settings
Easily and securely personalize your account settings through the browser or mobile app.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Mobile Key?

The Mobile Key is your new alternative to the One-Time PIN (OTP) to authenticate your online banking transactions. Just key in your PIN, fingerprint, or face ID to complete your transactions.

Why should I use Mobile Key?

It's faster to complete a transaction with just your PIN, fingerprint, or face ID. You won’t have to wait for an SMS-OTP to arrive.

Mobile key is especially useful for clients who have no telco or SMS access. Please note that you need data or wifi connection to use the Mobile Key.

How many devices are allowed for Mobile Key?

You can use one device at a time.

What happens if I install the Mobile Key in another mobile device?

The Mobile Key will be deactivated on the first device, once activated on another device.

Where can I install and use the Mobile Key?

You can turn on the Mobile Key using your BPI Mobile app.

You can use the Mobile Key to approve transactions in both BPI Online and the app.

What transactions can the Mobile Key be used?

You can use the Mobile Key to:

- Pay bills
- Send money to enrolled and unenrolled third party accounts.
- Send money to other banks
- Load e-wallets
- Load prepaid phones

What does approval by biometrics mean?

Aside from fingerprint ID, some devices also have the face ID functionality. Fingerprint and face ID can be used as your Mobile Key to approve transactions in online banking.

Can I deactivate my Mobile Key?

Yes, it can be deactivated anytime.

What should I do if my Mobile Key gets deactivated?

You will not be able to use it if you are in the middle of a transaction. You can just reactivate again in the BPI Mobile app.

Can I still use the SMS-OTP instead of PIN code?

The option to use SMS-OTP is still available for transfers to other accounts and bill payments. However, you will now be required to use your Mobile Key PIN, fingerprint, or face ID for InstaPay transfers, e-wallets loading, and prepaid phone loading.

Is there a time limit for the client to enter the PIN code before the Mobile Key request expires?

There is a 90 second time limit.

Who do I contact for concerns about Mobile Key?

For inquiries and comments, send us a message or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000.

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