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Bank Service Fees

ParticularsService Charge
Cash Deposit (Over-the-counter through the branch)*
Branch of AccountFree
Inter-Region***Below Php 50KPhp 50.00
Php 50K to Php 499K Php 100.00
Php 500K to Php 999KPhp 500.00
Php 1M and abovePhp 1000.00
Over-the-Counter Check DepositFree
Over-the-Counter Cash Withdrawal from a Passbook Account*Free
Check Encashment
Branch of AccountFree
Php 100.00 per encashment
Php 100.00 per encashment
Over-the-Counter Peso Cash Withdrawal from ATM/Debit Card-based Account*Php 100.00 for amounts within the ATM withdrawal limit
Monthly Service Charge for Falling Below the Required ADB****
Maxi-One with PassbookPhp 500.00
Other Peso Deposit AccountsPhp 300.00
Dollar Savings AccountsUSD 5.00
Third Currency Passbook Savings AccountsAUD 8.00
CAD 7.00
CHF 7.00
EUR 4.50
GBP 3.50
JPY 600.00
CNY 35.00
Monthly Dormancy Charge*****
Peso Deposit AccountsPHP 30.00
Dollar Deposit AccountsUSD 0.60
Third Currency Passbook Savings AccountsAUD 0.80
CAD 0.70
CHF 0.60
EUR 0.55
GBP 0.50
JPY 68.00
CNY 4.00
Fee for Closing within 1 Month from Date of Opening
Peso Deposit AccountsPhp 500.00
Dollar Deposit AccountsUSD 15.00
Third Currency Passbook Savings AccountsUSD 15.00 equivalent
Service Charge per Excess Withdrawal
Jumpstart Account (4 free withdrawals per month)******Php 10.00
Platinum Savings (no longer offered)Php 50.00
Multi-earner (no longer offered)Php 25.00
Local ATM Transactions via BPI Debit card
Balance inquiry at other Expressnet member banks, Megalink or Bancnet ATMsPhp 1.50
Withdrawals at other Expressnet member banks, Megalink or Bancnet ATMsPhp 15.00
International Transactions via BPI Debit Card
Please note that some ATMs abroad charge an additional access fee. Fees are displayed on the ATM screen at the time of transaction
Withdrawals of USD 175.00 and belowUSD 3.50
Withdrawals above USD 175.002% of withdrawn amount
Balance InquiriesUSD 1.00
DenialsUSD 1.00
Crossborder Fee For Purchases Done Abroad2%
Over-the-Counter Funds Transfer via Debit/Credit Memo
Free for investment-related purposes
IndividualPhp 50.00 per transfer
Corporate*Php 100.00 per transfer
Dollar Deposit AccountsUSD 1.00
Stop Payment Order (SPO) Application (per check)
Peso ChecksPhp 200.00
Dollar ChecksUSD 20.00
Overdraft (OD) Accrual Charge
Fee25.2% p.a. on OD amount
Subject to a minimum ofPhp 26.25
Foreign Currency Cash Deposit
USDPhp 0.10 per USD 1.00 or a fraction thereof
Third CurrencyPhp 0.10 per USD 1.00 equivalent or a fraction thereof

*As of April 5, 2021           

**Intra-Region - Any branch other than Branch of Account, within the same Region, e.g. NCR to NCR         

***Inter-Region - Any branch other than Branch of Account, in a different Region, e.g. NCR to Region I, etc.        

****Monthly Service Charge applies if account falls below the required minimum average daily balance for two consecutive months.      

*****Dormancy charge is collected only if dormant account’s balance has fallen below the required minimum average daily balance (ADB). Account will be considered dormant if there is no client-initiated transaction within 1 year for Current Accounts and within 2 years for Savings Accounts. 

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