SEC Filings

BPI, as a publicly-listed company or issuer of securities, complies with the reportorial requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission in support of the SEC's mandate to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. In furtherance of the Bank's compliance with rules and regulations of the Philippine Stock Exchange, these SEC Filings are likewise posted on the PSE EDGE.

Our Annual, Quarterly, and Current Reports are our primary disclosure mechanisms used to impart knowledge about the Bank to all our stakeholders in an informative, structured and cost-effective manner. The Annual and Quarterly accountability reports effectively detail our performance during the period under review and put that performance in context of the objectives of the Bank, its strategies and future direction. The Current accountability reports similarly provide timely updates on significant corporate actions undertaken by the Bank.

The Annual, Quarterly and Current Reports are regularly submitted to the SEC pursuant to Section 17 of the SRC, which also prescribes format and content. These are likewise disclosed on PSE EDGE, as required.

SEC Form 17-A (Annual Report)


SEC Form 17-Q (Quarterly Reports)


SEC Form 17-C (Current Report)

SEC Form 20-IS (Information Statement)

The SEC Form 20-IS or Information Statement is used in connection with every annual meeting or other meeting of stockholders by publicly-listed companies, subject to the reporting requirements of Section 17 of the Securities Regulation Code, to notify its shareholders who are entitled to vote or give an authorization or consent to any matter to be acted upon at a stockholders’ meeting.

The Information Statement (including the proxy form and other solicitation materials, in case of proxy solicitations) is sent or given to shareholders at least 15 business days prior to the meeting date. The 20-IS is also disclosed on PSE EDGE, as required.


SEC Form 23-A/B (Statement of Beneficial Ownership)

The SEC Form 23-A/B or Statement of Beneficial Ownership stipulates disclosure of information by beneficial owners of an issuer’s securities to report threshold crossings in beneficial ownership of listed equities, banks stocks and bank stocks held in the name of PCD Nominee Corporation. The SEC Forms 23-A/B are also disclosed on PSE EDGE, as required.