Notice of Annual or Special Stockholders' Meetings

We send the Notice of the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting to our shareholders well before the meeting date in order to allow time for shareholders to review the meeting’s agenda as well as to provide shareholders with sufficient information regarding the issues to be decided at the meeting; the Definitive Information Statement, or SEC Form 20-IS is issued in accordance with the BPI's By-Laws and Securities Regulation Code 20.

Stockholders as of record date of the annual/special stockholders meeting are sent the DIS or SEC Form 20-IS at least fifteen (15) business days before the meeting. Issuers subject to the reporting requirements of Section 17 of the SRC must issue the DIS to notify stockholders of the written notice of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting; the DIS provides other specific information relevant to the meeting such as the annual report.

The Definitive Information Statement or SEC Form 20-IS is deemed to have been given at the time when delivered personally or deposited in the post office, or sent electronically or via e-mail. The Bank gives the notice and provides it electronically only to stockholders who have consented to receive such notice by e-mail or electronic transmission. Stockholders who wish to receive paper copies of the Definitive Information Statement are given paper copies.