Going the eco-friendly route can have a positive impact in the workplace. For starters, sustainability measures can lower your overhead, and what office doesn’t want that?

Hit three goals of sustainability, savings, and improved office culture with these tips:

1. Go digital
Eliminate print-outs for internal memos, and resort to emailing. If a face-to-face meeting can be done via video chat, good; if one email can do the job, GREAT. Optimize available media and platforms for maximum efficiency and cost-control.

2. Hybrid work setup
Save on electricity and resources by giving employees the choice to work at home. This freedom may also boost mental wellness.

3. Think before you print

Minimize paper waste by proofreading before printing. To halve your paper consumption, print on both sides. Then use the sheets as scratch paper before sending them to the recycling bin.

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Having sustainability in mind further increases office efficiency and drives down cost.

4. Carpool
Drive down road congestion, emissions, and fuel spending by initiating carpools. This can also be a great bonding experience for employees.

5. Indoor plants
Plants may improve indoor air quality​ ​, so place a few around the office to help clean the air.

Having sustainability in mind further increases office efficiency and drives down cost. Moreover, employees joining eco-friendly measures improves teamwork and working relationships —and that’s a win for everyone.

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